Monday, 24 August 2015

Positivity Boost @ Work

It's Monday again and if you're having a tough time at work then here are some tips to help you to a positive frame of mind. I use them before a coaching session and it never fails to put my client and me in a resourceful state.

1. Stand up, stand straight and look up. (It's very difficult to be negative in this position.)

2. Smile. As I'm sure you are aware, smiling sends a signal to the brain that we're happy - even if we're not! - setting off a virtuous circle.

3. Count five positive things about today. They can be the simplest things from a beautiful flower you've seen to a smile from a stranger.

4. And now .... imagine your boss as Mickey Mouse or a Minion! (I refuse to believe you've not got a smile on your face now.)

Lastly and most importantly, choose your attitude for today. What's it going to be, an attitude that will help you or one which will hinder you?

Comment below for how these tips worked for you. Have you got any of your own which you use? Please share them in the comments section below.

Have a great Monday.


  1. Ha ha ha...imagining my boss as a minion definitely made me smile! While I wasn't unhappy before reading this post, I'm still smiling now and feeling better than before. Thanks Pete. :)

  2. And your comment has now put a smile on my face. See how this works ..... Thanks Ang! :-)

  3. Hi Pete, apologies if this double posts. My 5 positive things today:
    1. Walk in local woods (class of school kids shriek 'I've found worms' made me smile). 2. Heating thermostat is fixed, hoorah and smiles. 3. Rare cake and coffee lunch with huzband, noms and smiles. 4. My wobbleboard arrived (it's safe to google wobbleboard), cue try out, fall off, laughter. 5. Hoping for healing 'out demon out' type hands at the physio tonight and if not 5. will be a large glass of healing wine!

    I never tried visualising my last boss as Mickey Mouse or a Minion, but I did use a Muppet character visualisation. #isitok

    1. Rachel, they're just brilliant and already I'll count them as one of my five positive things about today. I bet you had at least another five on top of those too. Which muppet character was it by the way?

  4. Oh his very own special muppet character, just visualising him made of felt, fleece and foam helped!