Tips and Hints

If you're knew to these ideas, I thought a list of hints and tips based on my blog posts may help you move things forward. You can just click on each side heading to take you to the relevant post.

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1. Choose Your Attitude

Just like Viktor Frankl, you can choose your attitude to any set of circumstances. Be positive or negative. See it as disaster or opportunity. Whichever you do, it is a choice. Asking yourself, "what can I do about it?" can take the control back over your situation.

2. Be Determined

Reflecting on previous successes in life can give you the confidence and strategies to succeed again against the odds. How far can determination and a refusal to give up take you? Do you have the belief that you can overcome your misfortune?

Having a why to live for can help you bear almost any trials and troubles. Can you find meaning and purpose in your suffering?

4. Adversity is personal to you

If you feel overwhelmed or challenged in your life and you want to move on then it doesn't have to be a crisis or disaster for you to need help.

5. Find Time To Be Positive

Looking for the smallest of positives can help change your attitude to your tribulations. Can you count ten positive things about your day?

6. Build A New Life From Adversity

Growth and a new life are possible beyond our challenges. Just like the forest which regenerates after a devastating fire or people who have found whole new aspects to their lives after huge setbacks, the same is possible for you.

7. Build A Gratitude Attitude

It is not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness which makes us happy. Create a gratitude habit and reap the rewards as you make an ally out of your adversity. 

8. Take Control

Ponder the quote "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." How could this make a difference to your health and emotional well-being?

9. Be Aware of Your Choices

You do have a choice in all things. The freedom to choose is the last of the human freedoms. You can choose your response to events. You can choose your attitude. You can choose how you behave. "I had no choice" dis-empowers us and makes us weak.


  1. This is really helpful!! sometimes when continually faced with adversity, it wears you down.... and you feel like.... omg - what next????
    I'll keep this list handy!! thanks Pete!!

  2. You're very welcome. Glad you found them useful.