So you thought you were in life's driving seat - till the road got rocky. Now you feel overwhelmed by stuff happening and want life to give you a break.

Here's the thing: it's in your hands

You can choose your response, choose your attitude and choose your future. 

Whether you're an individual, family, team or organization, my goal is to see more people rising to challenging life situations*, achieving their dreams and becoming an inspiration to others. 

On this blog I'll share ideas and inspiration to help you
  • change your mindset
  • take action and
  • start moving forward with your life again

Join the Thrive community and I'll show you how you can make an ally out of adversity and a friend of misfortune. 

My name's Pete Reece. I'm a qualified Personal Performance Coach (The Coaching Academy 2011) and have what the doctors call a syndrome - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I first had symptoms of it in 1995 and was off work for three months. It then came and went in short spells until it hit me severely in 2004 just at a time when we had two very young children. I was bed-bound for a while and couldn't leave the house without being in a wheelchair or the car.

I was fully recovered for a while but now the CFS comes and goes, sometimes in very long spells. It prevents me from living life as I had once envisaged and often leaves me unable to contribute to family life as much as I would like (particularly challenging when I am the stay-at-home parent and home-maker). Additionally, there are further significant challenges within the family which need all my energy at times.

However, I can date my improvement to a point late in 2004 when I realised the power of choosing my response to adverse events and taking control over whatever life threw at me. 

Since then my goal has been to study how people react to adversity and share the findings with others. The result is this blog. I hope it will inspire you to grow stronger through whatever challenges you face


* Challenging life situations include but are not restricted to serious illness, disability, unemployment, financial problems, relationship breakdown, domestic violence, abuse, addiction, bullying, rejection, challenging work circumstances, stress, anxiety and other mental illness.

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