Monday, 28 September 2015

10 Great Questions to Help You Thrive In Adversity

If you want to thrive in (or even just survive) whatever circumstances are challenging you at the moment, then try asking yourself these fantastic questions.

I've used them to coach clients and even myself through challenging situations and you'll find the answers very helpful.

Think of three tough situations that ended positively for you.
1. How did you feel about these challenges when they first presented themselves?
2. What strategies did you use to be successful?
3. What resources did you use?
4. Who helped you?
5. How did you feel when you were successful?
6. What do you think now about your initial feelings?
7. What can you do about the current situation?
8. List five good things about this situation.
9. List five opportunities which are presented by this situation.
10. How does the situation look now?

(The questions can also be asked about tough situations which didn't end positively for equally informative answers.) 

And two bonus questions
11. In positive terms, what do you want to happen?
12. Given what you've experienced in other tough challenges, how likely is that to happen?

The last two questions can be so important in defining what end result we can expect and we would be happy with. Trying to answer these questions can reveal that we're not actually certain of what we can realistically hope to achieve. For example, wanting things to return to “normal” rarely happens, since the adversity of the situation changes many dynamics.

I hope you like the questions. Comment below on questions you've asked yourself or other people which you've found to be productive and definitely let me know what the results are when you use the questions above. Promise?

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Thrive - your ally in adversity.

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